The open source framework for building modern client apps

Create modern, cross-platform, desktop and embedded applications with a web frontend.

The desktop SDK

Equo provides all the tools you need to create modern desktop applications.
Chromium-Based browser

Create and render web UIs in Java based applications.


Intercept incoming browser requests, modify responses, and run custom code.

Async communication

Asynchronous communication between web UIs and the Java application code.

Offline support

Automatically save requests that will be served later when the app runs offline.

WebAuthn (FIDO2)

Provides strong and secure authentication methods for user registration and login.

App Starter

Create modern desktop applications from scratch with a web UI.

Kotlin support

Kotlin is fully supported for developing Equo apps, along with Java.

Real-Time diagnostics

Automatic logging and crash reporting for desktop apps.

Coming soon!


Native integration with the filesystem thorugh a powerful API.

Who's using our SDK?

Equo for enterprise

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Modern Cross-Platform apps. Built with your favorite technology stack.

Use your favorite web UI framework (React.js, Angular.js, Vue.js, etc.) or even Java to develop new desktop and embedded applications with a web frontend. Deploy them anywhere.

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